Women in Law

The history of women in law began with Ada Evans – who was the first woman Lawyer in Australia. She obtained her Law Degree in 1902, but was not permitted to practice Law until 1918.

This month I was fortunate enough to move the admission of Mason Lawyers’ newest Lawyer in the New South Wales, Supreme Court. For those of us sitting in the Court, the primary topic of conversation was the startling number of women in law. In the ceremony I attended, there were 48 Lawyers being admitted, and only 11 were male.

For the last 5 years Women have outnumbered the Men for total practicing Lawyers in New South Wales. In 2021, 54% of all practicing Lawyers were female.

It is simply incredible to think that in 105 years, we have gone from a female free profession, to a female dominated profession.

Sadly, the statistics indicate that there remains a significant gender pay gap in Law, and disproportionate male representation in the most senior roles.  

If you love statistics, check them out at 2021 Annual Profile of Solicitors in NSW (lawsociety.com.au)

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Kasey Stewart
Kasey Stewart

29 Jul, 2022

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