Deceased Estates & Will Disputes

Sensitively assisting with deceased estates and will disputes

Deceased Estates and Will Disputes

Losing a loved one is difficult. Further, handling loved one’s affairs can be complicated, stressful and confusing – especially when you are grieving.

At Mason Lawyers, our experienced lawyers offer sensitive, compassionate and sensible advice regarding estate matters and will disputes to help you navigate through the process of administering your loved one’s deceased estate.

We can help to:

  • Locate and interpret the Will
  • Advise the executor or trustee of their responsibilities
  • Inform banks, government departments and other institutions of your loved one’s passing
  • Apply for Probate or Letters of Administration as needed
  • Advise you if your loved one died intestate (with no will)
  • Identify the assets in the estate, and also any liabilities
  • Arrange for the sale of shares, real estate and other property
  • Distribute gifts and inheritances
  • Provide advice about taxation
  • Advise you about any will disputes that may arise

Complicated Deceased Estates

Our estate lawyers will provide you with tailored advice about your loved one’s estate to ensure that you can carry out their wishes. They have dealt with a wide variety of complicated issues in administering estates, including:

• Administering family trusts.
• Interpreting complex wills.
• Providing specialised taxation advice.

Dealing with someone’s affairs after they pass away can be emotional, confusing and stressful. We can help.

What if there is a will dispute?

Unfortunately, will disputes amongst family members can happen, especially when there is money or property involved. At Mason Lawyers, we can provide you with advice about the process of prospects in a claim to contest the wording of a will, or the fairness of how the estate is distributed.

Our estate litigation lawyers have dealt with a wide variety of will disputes that have arisen in deceased estate matters, including in situations where:-

  • someone was left out of a will
  • the estate is unfairly divided
  • beneficiaries could not be located
  • there were questions about what the will actually meant
  • there were assets interstate or overseas
  • the deceased person may not have had capacity to change their will before they died

Why choose Mason Lawyers for your Wills and Estate needs? 

Our lawyers are real people. We are compassionate and approachable – we are here to use our knowledge and experience to help you. Our experienced estate lawyers can help you administer your loved one’s estate and handle the sensitive nature of will disputes.

  • Over 20 years of experience handling large and small estates
  • Skilled in handling complex estates
  • Specialised litigation and taxation knowledge
  • Friendly, approachable and compassionate
  • Charge fees in accordance with the Supreme Court scale of costs
  • Convenient locations, or one of our lawyers can travel to you. We can attend at the hospital, nursing home and retirement village

Our lawyers will take the time to learn about your situation and provide balanced and trusted advice. Contact us today.

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"Helpful, considerate - in time frame given."
"Demi was professional yet friendly in all dealings. Gave easy to understand explanation of probate and will settlement process. Was always prompt and maintained good communication thruout. I emailed a couple of times with questions and received quick, pleasant response. Tiarna was excellent in arranging appointments and follow up communications."
"Stephen was, as in previous dealings, courteous and professional. Ditto for his support staff. I have, and will continue to recommend his services to my friends."
Glenda - Charlestown
"Have used Mason Lawyers for a range of legal issues over the years. I have found them to be highly professional and would have no hesitation recommending their services."
Tania Pugh
"I have recently used Mason Lawyers, for an Estate and selling of a house, I would highly recommend this law firm, especially Ross for the Estate and Gillian for the sale of the property. They were compassionate, sincere, caring, and professional at a time when there was a lot of grieving. They were prompt and on time with appointments. I would highly recommend this law firm."
Sharon P
"Most of our services were used at a time when I felt lost and was grieving and you made everythng so much simpler for me. I would have no hesitation in using your services if needed in future."
Frances C.
"Our dealings with Mason Lawyers since the death of my mother has renewed our trust in the lawyer department! They have been accessible and explanatory in every matter."
Stephen & Lorraine H.
“Jillian and her team were efficient but also caring and understanding of our situation. Jillian's communication and care were fantastic.”
Sue L.
"I would recommend Masons Lawyers because they provided first class service and the way I was grieving and helped by the staff."
Graham S.