Mediation allows parties to try to achieve an early and cost-effective outcome


Mediation is a process where parties in conflict are encouraged to resolve their disputes with the assistance of a neutral mediator in a confidential setting.

Mediations are becoming an integral part of modern family law. In the right circumstances, mediation allows parties to take control of their own dispute, and find an early and cost-effective outcome.

In our experience, a high proportion of parties who commit to mediation are able to reach an agreement at mediation. The chances of securing a good outcome at mediation are improved when we assist you with the following:

  • Ensuring that you engage a high quality mediator within your budget
  • Preparation of a high quality, comprehensive and persuasive position statement which is provided to the mediator and the other party before the mediation commences
  • Representation for the duration of the mediation, with an opportunity to take breaks for confidential legal advice throughout

If an agreement is reached, we will ensure that the whole agreement is accurately documented.

What should I know about mediation?

  • Mediations for parenting or property matters generally run for 4 hours or more. It is a big cost and time investment, and in our experience, comprehensive preparation will improve your chances of a favourable outcome.
  • Mediation offers a unique experience for parties to tailor-make solutions for their parenting and property disputes that a Court cannot deliver through litigation
  • Mediation can be conducted face to face, by telephone, by video, or by shuttle. 
  • Mediation is not suitable for all matters.

Get the right professional support in place to best represent your case

Tailored advice each step of the way

Why choose our family lawyers?

Family law cases are dynamic and diverse, and require personalised advice and attention. Our family lawyers will provide you with tailored advice each step of the way.

Our family lawyers have dealt with a wide variety of complex family law issues, including matters involving:-

  • Separation where one or both parties owned a business
  • Family violence, including coercive and controlling abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse
  • Large property pools with complex assets
  • Hair follicle, urinalysis, and blood testing, for drugs of abuse, excessive alcohol consumption, and performance enhancing drugs such as steroids
  • Parenting after separation and behaviour change courses
  • DNA testing for parentage
  • Recovery orders
  • Separation where the parties have significantly different earning capacities.
  • Relocation, within Australia and abroad
  • Grandparents and non-parent carers
  • Children and parents with special needs and/or mental health issues

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