Family Law Legal Aid

Mason Lawyers have served on the panel of legal aid lawyers for many years. This means that we are independent lawyers that are able to work for legal aid clients.

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Am I eligible for Legal Aid?

In NSW family law matters, eligibility for legal aid depends on a number of factors. These include a person’s income and assets, and also whether the type of issue that is in dispute. Legal aid is considered in the following types of matters:-

  • Parenting matters (including matters about who a child will live with, spend time with and communicate with).
  • Parenting matters (concerning location and recovery orders).
  • Mediations.
  • In some very limited situations, in property settlement matters.

At Mason Lawyers, we offer alternative funding/payment arrangements for those people that are ineligible for legal aid, but do not have ready access to money for legal fees. Depending on your circumstances, this might include an instalment arrangement or deferring payment of your legal fees until the conclusion of the matter.

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Tailored advice each step of the way

Why choose our family lawyers?

Family law cases are dynamic and diverse, and require personalised advice and attention. Our family lawyers will provide you with tailored advice each step of the way.

Our family lawyers have dealt with a wide variety of complex family law issues, including matters involving:-

  • Separation where one or both parties owned a business
  • Family violence, including coercive and controlling abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse
  • Large property pools with complex assets
  • Hair follicle, urinalysis, and blood testing, for drugs of abuse, excessive alcohol consumption, and performance enhancing drugs such as steroids
  • Parenting after separation and behaviour change courses
  • DNA testing for parentage
  • Recovery orders
  • Separation where the parties have significantly different earning capacities.
  • Relocation, within Australia and abroad
  • Grandparents and non-parent carers
  • Children and parents with special needs and/or mental health issues

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