Children and Family Law

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Children and Family Law

Children and family law matters can be a huge cause of stress. Separation can be tough on parents and families, particularly for those with young children.

Either before or soon after you separate, you will need to consider where and with whom your children will live, and how much time will they spend with each parent.

While it is not essential, it is wise to enter into discussions about your care arrangements with as much information as possible, so that you can achieve the best outcome possible for your children. For that reason, we recommend meeting with one of our Family Lawyers confidentially, at an early stage.

Statistics show that children achieve the best outcomes in life when their parents are able to reach agreement and have a capacity to, and demonstrate their ability to co-parent.

The Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia has published a resource relating to separation and stress, which may be helpful.

Early Intervention and avoiding court

Just because you make an appointment to see a lawyer, don’t assume you will end up in court. Our aim is to assist you to reach an agreement with your former partner quickly and cost effectively, so that you can get on with enjoying your life with your children.

If you have a workable relationship with your former partner, we will provide you with helpful advice to assist you to negotiate an amicable agreement about the care of your children.

In the alternative, we can negotiate on your behalf, or represent you at Family Dispute Resolution (mediation).

Children need never step foot into court

Why choose our family lawyers?

Family law cases are dynamic and diverse, and require personalised advice and attention. Our family lawyers will provide you with tailored advice each step of the way.

Our family lawyers have dealt with a wide variety of complex family law issues, including matters involving:-

  • Separation where one or both parties owned a business
  • Family violence, including coercive and controlling abuse, sexual abuse, and emotional abuse
  • Large property pools with complex assets
  • Hair follicle, urinalysis, and blood testing, for drugs of abuse, excessive alcohol consumption, and performance enhancing drugs such as steroids
  • Parenting after separation and behaviour change courses
  • DNA testing for parentage
  • Recovery orders
  • Separation where the parties have significantly different earning capacities.
  • Relocation, within Australia and abroad
  • Grandparents and non-parent carers
  • Children and parents with special needs and/or mental health issues

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For new clients seeking comprehensive legal advice

– Includes an initial 1-2 hour meeting with a family lawyer
– Our lawyer will explain the process, answer questions and map out the next step
– We provide a letter confirming our advice

Fixed Fee Divorce


For clients seeking help to divorce

– We prepare your Application for Divorce
– We provided you with an itemised quote for disbursements
– We keep you informed, every step of the way

*for divorce not requiring a court appearance
^excluding filing fee and service costs

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