Off the Plan

What you need to know when buying off the plan

Buying Off the Plan 

The reference to purchasing a property “off the plan” is used when you purchase a property (an apartment, villa unit, townhouse or house and land package) before it is built.

Essentially, you are purchasing the property that is proposed to be built in accordance with the developer’s plans and specifications, rather than an existing structure.

Because you don’t get the opportunity to walk around the property as you would with an existing building, it is important that you review the plans of the development carefully to ensure that you are familiar with:

  • The location of your property within the development;
  • The size and dimensions of your property;
  • The facilities available within the development; and
  • Any garage or parking space.

You should also ensure that you review carefully the Schedule of Finishes provided by the developer. The Schedule will provide a detailed list of the type and quality of the property and of the inclusions.

The Contract will contain detailed provisions dealing with the time by which construction must be completed and the plan of the development registered. There can be delays in construction and the Contract will usually provide for extensions in certain circumstances (eg. wet weather).

When does settlement occur?

The settlement period varies substantially depending on the nature and scale of the development.

  • Settlement usually occurs anywhere from the normal 4-5 weeks from exchange up to 12 months from exchange (for house and land packages and small developments) and up to 3 years from exchange (for larger developments)
  • The Plans and Schedule of Finishes should be available from the Agent. The Agent should also be able to give you some idea as to the likely date for completion of construction
  • We will also discuss the timing for construction and Settlement with you at our first meeting

When buying “off the plan”, stamp duty needs to be paid at settlement or within 12 months of exchange.  We will discuss this with you at our first meeting.

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