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Emma McPherson

  • Debt recovery
  • Deceased Estates
  • Estate Planning
  • Litigation


I have lived on and off in Newcastle for most of my adult life. I was admitted to practice law in 2011. I came to the law quite by accident but thoroughly enjoy helping people through difficult times.  

Before lawyering, and in between my lawyering career and international travel, I worked as a bartender and administrative assistant. I’ve worked in lots of different places, including Belmont, Newcastle, Tamworth, Scotland and Ireland, and I think this experience has helped me be a better lawyer. I have been at Mason Lawyers since August 2020. They are a friendly bunch, and we are lucky enough to have snacks in conveniently located in walking distance. I also have an awesome secretary (who may have assisted with putting this profile together).

I appreciate the old school philosophy of lawyering being helping people in the community, not being in it to make the big money of the “good” matters. When I’ve got happy clients that have received value from what I’ve done for them, that’s when I feel like I’ve done a good job. Recent feedback I’m proud to have received is from a client that included the comment “I felt like I had been a valuable client for years“.

I feel like Marie Kondo’s influence has rubbed off on me. When I hear others question someone else’s decisions, I often find myself saying “maybe it brings them joy“. It’s imperative to remember that there is so much more to life than stumbling through focusing on the costs and not the benefits.

My other go to is “life is for living“, often closely followed by “eat all the chocolate“.